Lord, help me to remember that you love the people I struggle with. In Jesus's name. Amen.This short prayer stood out to me during a devotional last week. I could not read any further for a while. I read that line again and again.The verse, Matthew 6:14 was the basis of that devotional and my... Continue Reading →

Be the Light

I am a big believer in the proverb: Charity begins at home, which means a lot of different things for different people. This, for me, applies to “everything”. So, forgive me if I am little too worked up about certain habits or characteristics with different individuals or groups of people. I am equally looking at... Continue Reading →

The Milk of Human Kindness

The most critical moment in anyone’s career in the service industry is handling irate customers. You will never be prepared enough for someone or something that rides the highest wave of your emotions, especially when it is not your fault. Even if it was, no one wishes to be yelled at. But let’s face it,... Continue Reading →


I've learned that some people will hurt you unintentionally. They will say and/or do things to you that hurt parts of you but it will never be their intention to hurt you. These people will not (never will) go out of their way to purposefully hurt you. They truly care about you and believe that... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Have to Lose

I've been on the losing end of far too many relationships, and for the longest time, I thought they owed me what I deserve. I have since learned that you have to earn it. The only twist to this story, is that you don't earn what you deserve by going out of your way to... Continue Reading →

Take Care of Yourself

One of my loving brothers, Lwanga, shared this inspiring message on his Facebook page last Sunday and I just had to share it. The grey zone he talks about is one of those things I have been struggling with lately and his advice couldn't be more timely. Everyday is a new day, with new opportunities... Continue Reading →

Your Voice Changes Everything

We all, as children, had a big dream. That one thing that made your heart jump and your imagination run wild, really really wild. There were no limits, only endless possibilities and an even greater oblivion to what requirements there were to achieve that dream. All you knew was that it was what you wanted... Continue Reading →

heed the call of the peacock!

Posts like this encourage me to read even more. To better tell stories, to learn and to have richer conversations. Now you know my next read. Read along friends…



A FEW WEEKS ago as I arrived at the Pearl of Africa Hotel for the launch of ‘The Call Of The Peacock‘, I noted how gentle and professional the Special Forces Command officials were as they guided us into the celebration room.

They were markedly different from the soldiers I grew up dodging, and from the parking lot to the very entrance to the ballroom I kept thinking of the term ‘Customer Care’ and musing at how it could now be used in reference to some of the toughest soldiers on the Continent.

At the entrance, I burst into a laugh when a plainclothes officer politely asked, “Is Madame not coming?” as he inspected my card.

He knew neither “Madame” nor myself, since the card didn’t bear our actual names. But he was quite polite.

These were small signs of how things have changed in Uganda since the…

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My War Room Encounter

Life does know how to test us and  can easily cripple us till we lose sight of the goal we were aiming for. But while all that seems unfair, no one promised us a smooth journey and for this very reason, we ought to constantly recharge our faith and commitment to our journey. Problem is,... Continue Reading →

See Thy Intentions

I won't see your intentions, but I will remember your actions. - Maria Natknda I've been having a little feud going on for a while with people really close to my heart. They meant well, but their actions communicated the opposite for me. While they expected me to read their intentions and thereby justify what... Continue Reading →

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