The Absolute Nessecity

Whoever said that ‘Today is a present’ is a total genius. I will tell you why.

I spent my morning with a very influential person in the world of Fashion, Suzan Mutesi (, who I met about a week ago, and then later got an unexpected lesson in photography. And my, wasn’t it fascinating.

Why does it matter?

If you have been paying attention to global economic trends (though I dislike Economics), you will realise that you can build a fortune out of anything. And that’s literally. Well, I will help you see how. Since when does anybody pay money just to listen to another tell a joke? Why would anyone want to wash somebody else’s clothes, when they can do it themselves? Since when have our childhood games meant anything but kiddish sense? Well not anymore. Anything can be turned into a gold mine. But you gotta put in the work.

For example, while you wait for a job opportunity, or even enjoy being at your current job, plan your next move. We fail miserably simply because we do not plan ahead. This could be through learning a new skill, or enhancing one you have always toyed with as a child. All the wisdom lies in our childhood, I must say. Suzan Mutesi transformed her fiber-doll attire into red-carpet gowns. And she has toyed with cloth all the way to the top. If you grew up in Uganda, like she and I did, we always loved our fiber dolls and beamed with pride each time we made one successfully.

Bottom line, instead of waiting on ‘I don’t know who’ to turn your world around with a free fortune, make yourself worth that opportunity. But because you are not sure what it might be, learn every skill you have access to. An international language, photography, tailoring, cooking, play a sport, etc. The more you put yourself out there,  while well equipped, the better your chances. Running around with a First Class degree that has no skills to back it up, makes you worthless. That’s the truth.

success-journey Quotation-Denzel-Washington

It’s an absolute necessity to have a “Plan B”. Do not rely on one thing i.e. your college/university degree, it may never get you anywhere if you don’t show how well you can make it work.

Break the limit!!!!!!


Author: marihitta9

Writer, reader, mentor, learner and my own biggest fan.

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