Taking Control


I have been silent for a while, because I had to really think and reflect on some few things and pick out the best lesson to share for the week. Here it is…..

Most of my life, I have not had the last word on anything and that includes how I live my life. I always let other peoples opinions influence what I become or do or how I behaved. Then I met someone who asked me a question that changed my life forever. He asked; Who lives your life for you? I answered; Me. And he asked; Then why do you let other peoples opinions keep you from living your life? I didn’t quite get it in that moment, but as days and months went by, the reality sank in. And when it finally did, I acted. It felt so good that I decided not to be the person I was again. I feel happier and less stressed by anything now.

Why am I saying all this? Because I see so many like me everywhere. People stuck in unhappy situations because they are not brave enough to cut the strings attaching them to other peoples opinions. We worry about very unimportant things and yet if we dared defy our fears, the outcome would be so shockingly satisfying.

So take a chance today to make a conscious choice not to allow what other people think or say get in your way. You have the LAST WORD, yes, you always have. And now that you know, make use of it. Everyone has a right to say what is on their mind, but that doesn’t mean you should follow it. Listen, pick out what is important to you and leave the rest. If all that has been said just doesn’t add up for you, then don’t buy it. The same way you wouldn’t buy an item you do not want at the supermarket.

Look at it this way, everybody else’s opinion is like a shirt in a clothes store, you only pick out the one that fits you, the rest are not your concern.

Take control of your life now, have the final word for everything that directly affects you. Break a lymyt.


Author: marihitta9

Writer, reader, mentor, learner and my own biggest fan.

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