My discomfort with the weight I have gained over the past year and my love for dancing had me looking for Jesse Kakooza, renowned dance and fitness instructor at In Movement in Kansanga, a suburb in Kampala. I was first introduced to his dance classes in the last quarter of 2013 when he was running a dance studio at the then new Tirupati Mall in Kabalaga. I jumped right in. But as 2014 started, I got busier with my studies and could not keep up with the schedule. Little did I know he would leave the premises and I would not know where he moved to, until April 2015.


Not knowing the exact location of the new dance studio, I followed the sound of the music in the distance, and because I was late for that day’s class, I simply watched the last 15 minutes of the session I was supposed to have been part of, from just outside. I wasn’t the only one. One slender lady, with a bright smile was looking on in amazement, she had never seen anything like it in a long time. That is because, as I later got to learn, she had been living in South Africa for so long. We started talking about the dance, then an introduction and exchange of contacts (just so we could attend at least one class together sometime) and we were back to our separate worlds, watching the dancers.

Earlier, on my way in, a certain very pretty young lady was given a rather humongous welcome, which I took note of because; first: her name sounded quite foreign, and for a girl with her looks, who wouldn’t notice? She is very PRETTY! I mean that. And so, later when she walked up to where we were standing, watching the dance group, I felt a strong urge to say hello, and know what she does. One handshake, an introduction and the rest was history. Moments later you would think we were friends from way back. The beauty of being sociable, for an introvert like me.

As we sat talking, my friend with a bright smile came to join us at the table. She was welcome, with her Zambian/Ugandan friend who was later a rather fun addition to the group. And there we were, four strangers, brought together by a cause. A helping hand. A kind heart(well I stayed to show support too).

InMovtL-R: Mabala, Juliet, Maria and Tamba.

I will spare you the details of what we talked about, but I can promise you that this circle ain’t breaking. Among us, we have food, music, books, writings, travels, hairstyles, fashion, etc to share.

Coming up from #MaJuMaTa:

  • Dine with me hosted by Mabala
  • A meeting for a show somehwere in mighty Kampala.
  • Huge support for @TambaMusic

Aaaah! Am not sharing any more. It’s one of those mine-alone things. Haha. And I am currently obsessed by @Tambamusic’s song Rukiri. It’s playing for the 100th time. But at the end of it all, not only did I make new friends but I had a re-wakening moment. They are vibrant souls who reminded me that life is not that serious after all, that one can miss the best things by playing so much by the rules. They each had to let go of what was seemingly very rewarding and comfortable lives, only to be rewarded later with even more. Am talking about a comfortable life in South Africa, a very rich culture in Zambia and spot in the limelight as a musician.

I have come a long way, discovered a lot of truths and bitter realities, and I am standing at the edge, unsure of whether to take the next step into the unknown and see what I find, or to remain where I am constantly dissatisfied or take a step back and swallow whatever bitterness I had stepped away from. Many of us have been here, are here or will soon be here. And friends like these are a gift from Heaven. I may not have taken the next step yet, but I know for sure that I am not going back and neither am I staying where I am. I am moving forward. I trust myself to do this, and I trust that my friends will help me. I am richly blessed with very positive success oriented friends. Better not to fail them.

And to get me started, here is my current read:

The Rules to Break

Have a blessed day!


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Writer, reader, mentor, learner and my own biggest fan.

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