Just a Heads Up….

When you’re younger than 12 years of age, life is smooth. All you have to worry about is making the grades dad and mum want you to bring home, and sometimes, that is not an issue at all. I used to worry about which new game to play with my friends at school, and being a book worm from way back when, I always had to have a book to read. Well, worry with that, was a teacher finding you with it. So I always had to be smart about how I read those non-academic books. And then I grew into a teenager, and then a lady; which wasn’t exactly so much fun. I would have greatly appreciated;

Just a heads up that the subjects in school would be different, many more in number and that what I wanted to become when I grew up was hard to qualify for. I had to change my dream career about five times in a space of six years. Not exactly appealing now, is it?

Just a heads up that I would worry about the kind of clothes I had to wear. Suddenly my Cinderella inspired dresses were so not the thing. Embarrasing to wear in fact. I wanted tighter outfits, a few shorts and more crop tops. And mum was devoted to fighting that level of “immorality”. A series of punishments later, and she can’t intervene no more. Talk about irony.

Just a heads up about the boys I was going to meet and how deceivingly smart they would be. Lots of bad choices, and one crush that just would not go away. He still is the man! (Yea, I said that)

Just a heads up that university meant being so mature to keep from falling from grace. Keeping up appearances for your peers, for your true friends and your family. All groups requiring different personalities. Talk about suffering from personality issues.

Just a heads up that the “working class” wasn’t a smooth lifestyle. That those we saw sitting behind counters or stepping out of their company cars or representing their corporations abroad were literally walking a tough path everyday to stay there and/or go higher in ranks. Seven years since my first job and I would gladly opt out to just stay home. But how do I get by?

Just a heads up that what I read in books and saw in the movies was only fiction. That real life was tougher; that men so admired are generally self-indulgent takers, that siblings would want to keep you down if it meant earning all the praise, that parents would need you to take care of them instead of just being their child and that the world would expect so much from you, that which they did not give you in the first place. What’s wrong with people?

Just a heads up that each decision you made, had a tail called consequences. That you had to be held responsible/accountable for each choice. And no body mentioned the freedom that comes with that too. Why why why?

Well, now am telling y’all; Life is what you make it. Nobody has the time to prepare you for the future. It’s your job. So; Do not put off anything for later especially because you are told to. It’s the biggest regret you will ever have to live with. Dance when you want to, cry, laugh, make as many friends and visit as many places. Make the choices you feel you can shoulder the resulting fall backs. But above all, be grateful for all you are, what you have and who you have in your life. More comes to those who appreciate.



Author: marihitta9

Writer, reader, mentor, learner and my own biggest fan.

3 thoughts on “Just a Heads Up….”

  1. Its you who can fail your own self in life. So to succeed in life..you must work on that person in you and you are.


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