Making Habits

I have a routine; pee and get into bed at exactly 10:00pm, that I got into unintentionally, thanks to my schedule at the time. A job and school. And I always woke up at 06:00am every week day and 08:00am on Saturday and Sunday.

It’s almost two years since I left that job and a year since I completed my studies but my entire body is stuck in auto tune. Whether I go to bed earlier or later that 10:00pm, when the clock strikes, my bladder suddenly fills up and I must obey; then my eyes will start a rebellion which I tend to somehow always supress. Then comes the toughest part, waking up earlier than 06:00am, which came with my current job because by that hour, am supposed to be at work. Now you can imagine how many times the company drivers have to call me to get ready and even so, how many times they just had to leave me behind. I must admit, I have totally failed to adjust.

The important thing here, is that habits can be learnt. It’s a common gospel, but am sure many of you out there, just like me, are struggling with a few things. Am still struggling to get into a fitness routine. I know I can look healthier and fit if I only just made the routine and stuck to it. There is many more; at work, in my social life and especially in pursuing my dreams.

My friend Bake Robert Tumuhaise aka Mr.Inspiration challenged me to sell tickets to a great gathering of business minds, The Authors’ Forum. I dislike, strongly by the way, sales. I just can’t deal with that constant rejection. Never been a fighter and I let it rule me. He gave me a formula and in less than 5 minutes, I had buyers.

Not many of you have such amazing souls to push you to discover your true potential. Therefore, it is important that you identify what you want to accomplish, set a routine to help you get there and you will learn that. Making it a habit. Beyonce Knowles made a dieting routine, and she advises that when you stick to a given routine for twenty one days, it becomes apart of you. Is that not a clear definition of a habit? So why not make some positive ones starting today.

I just set one and counting twenty one days. Let’s soar.



Author: marihitta9

Writer, reader, mentor, learner and my own biggest fan.

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