The Affirmation

I dislike goat-meat, and had never even tasted it’s soup for no reason at all. And then I did, for the first time yesterday. And… it was not so bad! Probably because it was quite salty. Anyway, all this mindset change started after I enrolled for a week long Certificate in Public Speaking and Presentation Mastery course. See, on Day 1, the trainer talked to my group mates and I about De-programing and Re-programing as a means to unlearn old and self-limiting habits/beliefs.

I was in a way coerced into signing up for this short course, since the trainer had this strong conviction that I had a lot to benefit from the course. He really did push for me to enroll. And without money, or a promise of getting any in the near future, I committed myself and showed up. But well, I could quote several sources that say,

“Eighty percent of success is showing up”.

To that effect, this was a humongous achievement for me. Not only did I let go of some really ugly old beliefs, but I greatly improved my ‘How..’ when expressing myself. Yes, shy little me can address a group of people now without worrying about losing my words.

I knew a lot of what was taught, thanks to my beloved habit of reading whatever catches my eye. I had read a lot about it in books, blogs, company websites and even heard some of it at conferences I attended in the past, and yet it still felt far-fetched. I never really attach myself to a lot of things that require a lot of responsibility, something I have to accept and put right because the future I desire has a lot of responsibilities in it. let’s see; Role model, mother, wife, leader; a Woman of Influence. Attachment has earned me a lot of hurt previously, and so I run. I run all the time, but not anymore. I am who I am. And I will be what I want and choose to be. It is funny that many like me, take long to accept themselves and live life fully. What the hell do we fear?

During this short course, I presented about being informed especially through reading continuously. I made impact on the lives of those sitting in that room, but not as much, as my presentation on Conquering Fear. It was my best presentation. It changed me as much too. We explored the many obstacles brought about by fear and how to breakthrough, and girl! didn’t I love being up there, echoing that message. My favorite quotation was Joseph Campbell’s

“The cave you fear most holds the treasure you seek”.

My new motto and challenge. Where I am most enveloped by fear, I will always be reminded that there is something worthy on the other side. The trainer was excited about my progress and I felt good.

Ooooh! The best part was meeting new people. Charming ladies, one outstanding gentleman and  lots of talent and skills. Vast experiences to share from the workplace, to our wardrobes and cosmetics, to the kitchen (someone in the group even baked cake for us) and above all, we now share a network. We are wealthier now, just because we have each other. Someone suggested that it was a waste of money, but I think not. It was a worthy investment. I am glad I showed up and above all, I did not drop out. My new circle, Women of Influence is one challenge, a responsibility I am proud to add to my list. These ladies are going to take me places and teach me a whole lot. Sarah A, Sarah N, Lillian, Ruth N, Ruth I, Sylvia, Esther, Cathy, Stella and Peace. Conrad and Samuel are special additions.

This whole week has simply been an affirmation to me. I have a whole lot of untapped potential and it’s about time to throw wide open the door of opportunities and embrace them as they flow in. I have a few other friends on board, so this should  be more exciting.

To Affirmations. Breaking limits. Let’s soar.


Author: marihitta9

Writer, reader, mentor, learner and my own biggest fan.

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