Random Thoughts!

The morning is so gloomy, and I feel just as much. I wanna kick this ailment in its behind outta my body, but it’s a necessary reality check. Sometimes you just gotta slow down when you want to hurry off to the next phase.

It’s been a great year, I did so much for me especially now that I can appropriately answer the question; “What is your wildest dream?” Yep! I didn’t know what for 27 freaking years. I have matured, I am a mentor. I have explored, not the world but myself and my potential. Nnina potential. I wanna do more for the people in my life, because at the end of the day, it’s what counts. I will keep reading books, write some more. I will be on the next bus to my wildest dream soon, and I will play more, love more, attract more happiness, appreciate more and jog some more. Or maybe dance more instead because I have learnt the secret behind physical fitness and emotional balance. Ask Daniel Choudry Pa. I will speak more confidently because Samuel A. Bakutana showed me how; No, he showed me how much he believed in my ability to influence a crowd. I will sing some more because with Daniel R. Bauer and the Freedom Band, the music sounds even sweeter. I will turn to family more for so much because you can’t get it anywhere else: Charity begins at home. I got more color on my lips because friends like Olive Love Monica religiously remind me that many times, color just makes a girl’s life better. Everyone needs a bit of police in their life, for me Prue Tusha and Linda Kibombo swing that whip just fine. I am disciplined. I could write about everyone and everything, I just never really care to.

Consistency: this is still lacking on my part. It is the master key, I tell you. I gotta keep my promises more as well, because I expect the same. I wanna try out taking immediate action on my thoughts, actually will just do it. The list of regrets has to reduce.

A year is so long and yet so short. I met people, made new friends, I took action on a few dreams, I learned some more from amazing people, I complained and disagreed, I expressed gratitude and fell short in so many ways. Best part, you can always start over and make amends. And here I go.


Author: marihitta9

Writer, reader, mentor, learner and my own biggest fan.

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