Love to ‘Be More’

I cannot begin to count how many times I prayed for and celebrated a public holiday or just a day off, from way back in school through to my corporate days. Why? Just so I can stay home and watch TV or read a novel or just lay there doing nothing. Of course, I felt entitled to all this. 

In the first quarter of this year, I started a new business. Just like on the first day, am still excited about it, I still see all the places it’s gonna take me and am enjoying the daily personal development. But something hadn’t changed and it was costing me so much. The attitude of laziness.

For some reason, I wasn’t stretching myself enough and I thought I was doing it all until I read the above quote. Then it hit me. I was cheating my business and myself. With every cancelled appointment, every single one I chose to skip, I was losing money. How did I find out?

New month(November), week one audit and I saw how in just three days, I had missed out on nearly $400. Dang it!!! That would have done so much for me.

What am I trying to say? Many times we want to take the easier, convenient path through life but truth be told, that road doesn’t go far. You start with lots of people, but quarter way, and they start to disappear. One by one, they realise you aren’t going any where. They start expecting more from you and when you don’t adjust to their expectations, they dump you.

And many a times, the people around us influence our choices. They diacourage you from chasing your wildest dreams and make you believe that you cannot do it. Problem is, if you don’t pause and find your own path, you’ll end up on other people’s lanes and that’s too much traffic. It will get in your way and you will never arrive.

Grant Cardone says it best; “Any one who tells you that you can’t is not talking about you, but themselves. So, don’t listen to them”

This month, am letting go of all the chains that were holding me back. Am unhooking myself from all those limiting beliefs and disempowering advice I have received in the past. I am so much more, and I am gonba be more each day. 

In Lisa Nichols’ words, I’ma be the next best version of me each new day.

Soar like an eagle by #BreakingLymyts 


Author: marihitta9

Writer, reader, mentor, learner and my own biggest fan.

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