Comfort is dangerous

John Maxwell, one of the world’s experts on Leadership, recently commented that;

People are more comfortable with old problems, than they are with new solutions.

This hit me right between the eyes. I felt a bit dizzy as I digested this. I even missed about 5 minutes of the discussion that followed after he said that. As in, it made so much sense. Just so true; I got emotional because in that moment I was woken up to fact that I have held back so much and missed a lot more because I always chose the most comfortable option.

Talk about the years in school when you had to read or play, in relationships when you have to face the truth or pretend you didn’t see it, at work when you ought to stand your ground or just be the people pleaser. So many scenarios this statement touched. 

Many times we had to make choices along the path of our lives but instead of taking the high and tough road that will test you and strengthen you, you chose to take the easier path hoping you will still get the desired result. I can list so many of those moments in my life. The complaining, whining, expectations from others, etc.

But like it’s said; it’s never too late. There are are unpleasant situations your in right now that you have the power to change and you probably have to make that difficult choice. Choose to be happy and at peace with yourself, even though the right thing to do may be a heavy one to take on. 

Comfort cripples. Comfort cheats. Comfort is dangerous, especially when you can’t afford it yet. I am not yet there and this statement just woke me up. A lot to straighten out. Especially in my career and relationships. We all have to make the hard choices if we want to have true success and keep it. And also to nurture the best friendships. I know this now.

Toss the blanket over and get to work. Earn your comfort the right way. 

Try new solutions. I have been told many times to face life like so many before me did. Why? Because it’s a sure way and thus a more comfortable choice but does it mean it will work for me? No! What I haven’t tried holds the answer I seek. But it requires testing new waters, strategies, and even walking away from some people, or letting go of some habits.

My personal coach Lawrence Namale, always reminds me to pay attention to what I have to become in order to receive that which I desire to achieve. Learn new habits/skills/etc, unlearn some and improve some. It takes work to be successful and happy and satisfied.

Let’s soar!


Author: marihitta9

Writer, reader, mentor, learner and my own biggest fan.

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