​Watching Criminal Minds, and there is this particular case where they are looking for someone killing people by poisoning, and he had the best attack strategies. Got me thinking!!
We relate with people, get hurt along the way and threaten that we wont trust again, some even claim to have trust issues. And then it hit me, we are just lying to ourselves. 
Truth is we love everyday, just as we trust as we trust everyday and all the time. In the same TV show, someone quoted; “Love is giving someone the ability to destroy you, and trusting them not to”. 
You wake and board that taxi or boda boda to work or wherever you’re going. You go to that restaurant or hotel to have that snack or meal. You shake people’s hands or even give  hugs all through the day. You freely sit anywhere and inhale whatever the air offers. You buy items from a supermarket or roadside vendor, exchange money with them, no questions. All this is trusting. 
See, this guy poisoned that part of an envelope where you use your tongue to attach extra ‘glue’ to seal it. He added toxins in candy given out freely in a banking hall. Then he crowned it with poisoning a drink(punch) at a company party. He had them all by manipulating the thungs we take for granted every single day. 
So the next time I hear someone talking about trust and having issues trusting, I will give them a reality check. You may not trust a particular individual anymore, but you cannot claim to have trust issues. Everyday you go to bed trusting that you will wake up the next day. And all dat long, you trust that all will go well for you. So yeah! You are so capable and full of trust. 


Author: marihitta9

Writer, reader, mentor, learner and my own biggest fan.

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