Caution! Hot Contents

I was once told a story about a lady who sued one of America’s top fast food restaurants for serving her a cup of coffee for the road that was so hot, it burnt her when it poured as she attempted to drive with the disposable paper cup placed between thighs. Typical unconscious habits, huh? I know, I do it too. Well,not the hot stuff but should I get seated in a car while holding something in my hands; bottle, phone, book, etc, I will quickly place it on the car seat between my thighs. (Don’t picture that. Lol!)

Why did I remember this? Yesterday, I met with a friend for a cup of coffee, our relationship is a strange one, somewhat. But henewe, when our order was brought to the table, it was the famous disposable paper  cups, with the title of this article engraved on the cover. We joked about it, especially the fact that sugar was not added to the hot beverage.This meant that we had to fidget with the lid to add sugar and then replace it to drink. Yeah! my small hands didn’t survive the sting. We first forgot about the coffee and tried to relate the caution with our lives, in fact we even read through one of my old publications Just a Heads Up….

Am sure you too have been burned and wished there had been a sign post to warn you of what lies ahead when you started out on whatever it was that burned you. I am not saying that I am the best to advise you on this, but I have experienced some things that made me realise that there actually were a few signs along the way that I could have read and been warned, that I ignored.

Let’s explore a few scenarios;

It could have been a bad relationship and your friends try to sidetrack you but you thought they were just being insensitive. And not long after, you lose the most valuable friends just because you spoke against them blindly. Many of us have  even seen the red flags but chose to look the other way, because the Bible tells us that true love is unconditional. And a  quote somewhere says if you have never been hurt, then you have never really loved. So you think you’re being the better partner, until they leave you for someone else or burn  you alive one way or another inconsolably.

Maybe you chose to live a ‘virtual life’. This is my phrase to refer to those who live their life online, making it look like they have the best lives; they have thousands of followers on social media sites and flaunt it all there. The good , the bad, the unnecessary,the obviously-ought-to-be-kept private; keeping yourself too busy to catch up with an old friend and restricting the conversations to Whatsapp, maybe you feel way more important to be wasting your time on old friends. And before you know it, you need their assistance/a shoulder to cry on but they have since moved on. After all, they never could fit in your glamorous lifestyle. Right? The ‘lonely’ fire consumes pretty fast, watch out.

Or maybe it was a new business venture and so many books and friends and financial experts have advised that you have to have savings enough to last you at least half a year before you leave that job but a certain motivational speaker or an ambitious friend convinced you that you can make it regardless. They help you paint the ideal picture and you really can even taste the fruits of your hard work before you begin and so you jump in, and not long after, you realise that you should have waited, maybe done a little more research or consulted a few more people first. But it’s too late, you have lost a lot of money or merchandise, or are completely stuck and in debt.

Also in contrast to starting a solo journey, is holding back too long. Opportunities pass you by, you’re spending your savings wrongly, meanwhile you’re also complaining about your current situation but you won’t dare break the crippling patterns of your life or take a chance on something new. You’re more comfortable with your usual problems than risk exploring new solutions. Better the devil you know than an angel you don’t, right?

We could go on and on,maybe you know worse scenarios and these were just a feel of warm water. Feel free to share in the comments. But so what if the coffee is hot? Wont you drink it?  And who said taking on a new path in life was going to be a smooth ride? And which relationship is  without challenges? When will friends  (sometimes even family) not let you down? We all get left behind at some point and we owe it to ourselves to move on as well, even when we have to leave a few things, habits or people behind.

Question is how well have you prepared yourself to endure the tough weather; the heatwaves and storms? I came across a book a few years back with the title; Tough times never last, but tough people do. How tough are you right now? Emotionally, spiritually, socially, economically and in any other way to be tough. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to be humble enough to seek guidance, ask for help, take that solo trip to self discovery  because only you has the answers to your puzzle. Only you can find the way out of the maze your stuck in.

We all get burned and feel like all is lost, or maybe it is. But we need to learn to not just sit there and let the bad get the best of us. I know this is the song you may have heard over and again. I had to teach myself to  release all that I know and start hearing it all or learning it anew because only then do you get the hidden message that you so badly want to hear first and foremost. But someone once told me that the most precious things aren’t just there for all to see or pick and take. Think of the gold and silver and diamonds, you have to sweat it out digging to find them in the first place,then you may get a hint, but you must wash off the mud to be sure it is the precious stone really. And if it isn’t, you go back and dig. You keep doing that until you find the precious stones and collect enough to satisfy your quest. Until then you keep digging.

Today, I embark on a new journey, my writing career. 1000 words daily is the quest, seemed un-doable until this point, in this paragraph, when I have surpassed the number by almost 200 words. Never say never, don’t let your fear of the unknown hold you back. Be motivated by learning what you don’t know, exploring where you have never been. That…is how you grow.

And thus, I crown a message to me. #BreakingLymyts




Author: marihitta9

Writer, reader, mentor, learner and my own biggest fan.

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