Never Say Never!

Cyber Tales!

Good riddance June! I am really happy you are gone. Not only were you one broke month, on your last day here, you attacked my reputation with the worst of all things doable. My Facebook account suffered the pornographic hack that seems to be making rounds faster than a hurricane. My beautiful black skin turned PURPLE with rage. And I just could not place my fiery hands on the culprit. Thank God you are gone June. Why would anyone name their child june anyway? Not mine, never!

Other tales!

Oh oh! I used the ‘Never’ word again. My friends on Facebook showed concern when I shared how the statement ‘Never Say Never’ rubbed its ugly butt in my face. Here’s where it came from; I had a good bank job and I left it. For a good reason, by the way. And while exploring my new found freedom, I discovered there are a million other things to do, which would be fun, satisfying and rewarding, especially financially. So I swore, to never ever go back to Banking. Fast forward, I haven’t really achieved much, and in search of professional stability. And guess what the best options are? Banks! I am still fighting the idea and but it is the quickest way to settle as I figure out the next step.


Author: marihitta9

Writer, reader, mentor, learner and my own biggest fan.

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