True Story

Joining university was such an honor for him, more of a dream come true. It was a place he never thought he would ever reach after his father passed away six years back. He had faced the harsh reality of saying farewell to a man who was not just his father, but a youthful vibrant soul whose life had only just began. A man whose dream of raising his young family was no more, whose goal of building a house for his family hadn’t even gone past the foundation and had worked so hard for his children to go to the best schools. His wife was just a young woman, robbed of a lover who had shouldered the world for her happiness and comfort, and gladly she had mothered three sons for him. Together they could see the future they wanted for their family. But death knows no love, for it takes whenever it sees fit. She was faced with the challenge of maintaining their children’s lives as they were which she successfully did, even though they do not know exactly how she managed.

It wasn’t easy on him either. But despite all the ups and downs, he blossomed into a young man, hopeful and ambitious, with a heart of gold, and for whom a new journey had just began. Acing the high school examinations, he had scored himself government sponsorship to one of the finest business colleges in the country. But before he could graduate and be the fine man he is today, there were a few lessons he had to learn. Just a few experiences to live, which would shape his character and define him as a man. One in particular was the love of a woman, which you should know by now, comes in all shapes and sizes. It will make or break you, and for him, a fine package awaited.

She was slender, of average height, not the pretty type but certainly very likable. Born and raised in the capital, she knew her way around and treated him to quite a number of interesting adventures. He began to like her as more than just a friend, and she knew, without a doubt, that she had him. Truth is she did. The kind of guy whose mother had raised to be honest, fair to others and never ever to ill treat a woman. In all his innocence, he was sure he had found his dream girl, the one he would present to his mother. A mother who had instilled in him all the highest Christian values, on which he based his fine judgement. He made a promise to her that he would stand by her and do his best to support her, after all, she was his girl. He was quite resourceful too. So much that he never called home to ask for upkeep but managed with the college allowances he received as a government sponsored student. She admired him a lot and told him so, until the trickstar in her emerged.

To her, he lost his innocence and gave his all. But was she grateful for that? Not long after they had started dating, she began to complain that he wasn’t caring enough. When he waved at a female friend, even those she knew so well, it was unacceptable. When he wanted to hangout with his friends, he was being unfaithful and when he stayed up late to read, he had to have been with another girl. We hear that city girls are very opportunistic and cunning, but he surely didn’t get the memo. He was about to witness a series of tricks that left all the trust in him so insufficient even for himself.

It was a day like any other; mid morning, afternoon lectures coming up, fine weather and plans to play soccer later with his friends while his girl cheered from the sidelines like she had always been doing. All was going alright, when his phone rang. A soft hello from the other side, and all the alarm bells started ringing in his head. In all the things he had imagined doing for her, sickness hadn’t made it to the list. But she wasn’t exactly sick, she had what should have been amazing news but for a college student, it was horrifying news. She had taught him much but not how to avoid a pregnancy. The weak voice suddenly climaxed to a boss lady like tone. A whole list of ‘You better not’s followed and he listened half attentively. The only concern weighing on his mind was; “How the heck am I gonna tell mum about this? Well, she didn’t care. All she needed was a list of supplies and enough pocket change. Day One, Two,….Fifteen, she still kept it up, and not once did he think of taking her for a pregnancy test, neither did he tell anyone about it, for he would have been advised to schedule a test. But she also never gave him a chance to consult with others because she had threatened to call his mother should he act otherwise.

Having dated for almost a year, she knew who mummy or brother or sister was, and played her cards well. Well aware of how much he respected his mother, she made sure to save her contact in her own phone book for those moments she needed to manipulate him. And this moment was the finest of all. Girls usually have those friends who are generally sharper and more manipulative even to themselves within their circle and should they hear of an opportunity to squeeze even the most little of shillings out of you, they will be the sweetest you have ever met. He didn’t think of all that either. He was the most reliable guy any woman would ever wish for, easily threatened and pushed around. To say the least, he was NICE, if you thought that was only for girls. He is the kind that reminds you of the fact that there still great men out there. Three months of taunting this innocent young man later, she calls him from a supposed hospital bed to say she couldn’t keep the baby and therefore, aborted it. And no, she didn’t allow him to visit her. She only made sure he doesn’t dump her. And he stayed. He was in a corner no sane man wants to ever find himself, that corner where he is under a woman’s control. Why? Because she would call his mother. Everyone wants to protect their image especially in the eyes of the people who have the most influence on us, like mothers. Your sins just cannot get to her, and so he played along.

A few months later, it happened again. And this time there was sufficient weight gain visible to support it. Usually, when a woman is pregnant, she adds on a few kilograms in weight and at least he knew about this. And again, he was the responsible boyfriend. Answering her every call and treating her to all that she asked. She at one time asked for a certain amount of money he did not have and then, determined not to be bossed around by a woman, declined to offer it. She dialed his mother’s number right there and then, as it was dialing, he confirmed that it was actually the correct number and he begged for his dear life to be spared. He literally knelt in front of her and swore to comply. Over the months, he could see that she looked quite different, not enough to ascertain a baby on board but he had to be nice if he didn’t want ‘mama’ to know. One night during the ninth month, she calls to say she had had a still birth. He mourned! But even more than mourning, he questioned his sanity because somewhere in her first trimester, he had introduced her to his mother, who didn’t like her at all and had voiced her concerns to him.

In this moment, mama’s voice re-echoed in his head and her message cut through his heart. He had to make a choice, and this time it didn’t matter whether she called his mother or not. He figured if he was going to be a happy man, she wasn’t part of that equation and he had to get her out of his life. And so after their final year at college, he asked her for some time off. And they both agreed to that. She eventually got a job within the same town he lived and worked there for about a year and later got herself another job based in the UAE, and left the country. With that, the relationship ended officially.

He graduated and got a fine job with a government entity and is an impressive picture of success. His mother is proud of him, and he also met a fine lady whom the mother appreciated. As a good friend of his, am saving for the prettiest dress a girl can wear to a wedding as worthy as theirs.



Author: marihitta9

Writer, reader, mentor, learner and my own biggest fan.

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