Mom Goals


(December 22nd to January 20th)

You’re the classic mom.

If anybody is going to fit into the mold of a “classic” parent, it’s definitely you. You cook for your kids because you love to, you’re the kind of person who wants to be there to pick them up from school, and read them a book before bed. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or not is totally irrelevant, you’re going to be a quintessentially awesome parent, and you kind of know it.

I love what am reading!!! Usually, am not one to follow the zodiac signs but who can resist anything good that describes them? A title with ‘being mom’ in it catches my attention, tickles my curiosity and voi·la!!! I like every bit of this mommy description, because that is really my dream. You can find out about the others at

Now this has made my mind wander run ahead in time to what tomorrow will be like when I am a mom. Every girl has that dream, though for some the unfairness of life makes them detest the idea of motherhood or they delay it as much as possible but deep down, it is a beautiful feeling we all harbor. As children, we had games where we played mom and you would pretty much mirror the things you see your mother do to and for you. Of course, this didn’t favor the mean moms who shouted at and beat up their kids because that is what the children would in turn do as they played with their friends. Now you know why some kids are not allowed to play with yours, eeh? Seriously,  think about it. Your kids maybe having a hard time keeping friends because they simply treat their friends unfairly and innocently so because it is what they know.

In the news yesterday, there was a rather heart wrenching story about a six year old who was defiled and strangled by three men. Details later clarified that one of the men was her maternal uncle, whom the mother had trusted would look after her as she also went out to catch up on what was left of the Easter celebrations. It was her brother and I cannot blame her at all, there was no way for her to know that a man she had been raised with would betray her like that. Many pointed their fingers at her saying she was careless but I think it’s an unfair judgement. Why would a grown up man, look at a six year old sexually? And then, not one but three men gang up on one little girl? This is monstrous, not human. Sometimes, I ask God why such people are allowed to walk this earth. But then again, if we didn’t have such happening around us, we would not be as vigilant and grateful as we ought to be. So much evil lives in this world with us that we do not see and it smiles at us every other day. Lord, grant us the grace to see through them.

Reminds me of an episode in a series I am watching, Criminal Minds, in which two women took matters in their own hands and hunted down the monsters who raped and killed their little girls. Separate incidents that the police took lightly, leaving the families in so much pain with no closure. The women found out who the culprits were, a group of them by the way, stupid men and a female accomplice who found it so interesting to fantasize about being with a young girl, 8 yrs old to be exact. They were chained by the arms and tied to the trunk of a car, which was then driven at a high speed for a few good miles. That pain of being dragged on tarmac and gravel, and such a disgraceful way to die, all because you lost your sense of responsibility for a moment. These women were nothing but bodies of bitterness at the hands of a selfish world and law enforcers that could not protect or help them.

I have also seen mothers who are outright careless, and show little care where their children are concerned. They leave the care of their kids to others. One I know personally always preferred her phone to playing with her son. He would crawl around filthy and picking up more dirt and eating it. He is always dirty and sick. She doesn’t bathe him in the morning and dips him in cold water whenever she remembers to bathe him. He will walk around all morning in the diaper she put on him before he went to bed the previous night. He doesn’t know what a potty is and will do his business anywhere, while on his feet. Of course the neighbors never want that child in their houses because they do not know when he will pee or poop. Not to mention how dirty he looks. I look at him and wonder what kind of man he is going to grow into and what kind of woman will marry him. It is such a pity.

But I have also seen awesome mothers, who make you want to have a child as soon as possible because they make it look so cool. Their kids are always happy and looking great. They do amazing things, like my neighbors daughter who took her first steps at 10 months. She amazes me! These women are always looking youthful like they didn’t just have a baby or four. They set the bar so high, yet it is the perfect picture you would love for yourself or the women in your life. My dream has always been to maintain my youthfulness especially after childbirth. Of course your priorities change but you still can maintain a few aspects of your life, especially the social and career/business life. Nothing is cooler than a woman who doesn’t lose herself just because she gave birth. I want to be the kind of mom who inspires my children to always be the best version of themselves. What better way to do it than to look it and live it in the kids’ presence?

For those who think that this is impossible, think again. I have learned that while you think something is impossible, there is someone out there making it happen. Always do some research and see how they pulled it off. Then learn from them and emulate them until you achieve the same goal for yourself. Motherhood takes tones of patience and a lot of sacrifice but like one beautiful Country song by Darius Rucker says, “It wont be like this for long”. A child’s life changes everyday from the moment they are born. From the first smile, to the first step, to the first day at school and so much more. Each moment is precious. You cannot afford to miss any moment. God knows if I can afford the life, I would rather be a stay at home mom. Someone close to me once shunned this idea, and I just couldn’t understand why, given she is a mother herself. Yes, the husbands lately aren’t as responsible as it used to be but it takes good planning and the right career to achieve this. A flexible job or business can give you this opportunity. So many of these are available all over the world, you just need to find the right one for you and you will afford to witness every moment of your child’s life without being a slave to another human being in the name of earning a living. It’s okay to have a job but do not stop looking for a way of earning the same money while having time for your family.

It’s so honorable being a mother. I can’t wait.



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