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I love animations, so much. They are entertaining for one, but even more than any other movie ‘genres’, are very closely related to our everyday life. But as adults, we have that unconscious bias when it comes to sitting down and watching an animation. We downplay them so much like we were born this age, but c’mon, if you enjoyed them as a child, they are still a part of you and every once in a while, you can crush on that popcorn and laugh away watching one.

Unlike you, am a total boov for these stories. I can’t even begin to count how many I have watched. Some of the most entertaining ones have been the uncommon titles. Case in point is Strange Magic. The music was spot on, the character development was impressive and the story line, of course, was haa…so much fun, Unforgettable. When things get rough and I’m unsure, I see my little elf friend singing to me;

“Don’t worry, about a thing. Every little thing, is gonna be alright.”

I better stop there, because I am already getting into the groovy mood. You know Bob Marley lyrics always get one on their feet. And for the boov I am, each emotion comes with its own color. Only those who have watched Home can understand. But imagine this, what if each emotion we felt manifested with a color on our skin. Something like;

If you lie – Green

If you’re happy – Pink

If you’re unsure/uncertain – Orange

In pain – Red

Etc. How colorful would like be? Hahahaha, forgive this boov. Something else I found fascinating in the movie Home, was the representation of the Boov race. It was the typical Human race. The best species at running away. No balls whatsoever to face our issues head on but rather find someone to blame and keep running away from responsibility or being held accountable. A leader sells a lie to their followers and forever they follow blindly and none of them ever stops to examine where the danger is coming from and what can be done about it. We would all rather live in Happy Humans Town, eating all things nice and living with no consequences, huh? We pretend to be so serious, so tuned to an empowering kind of music, when we could just play the right music and celebrate life. That dancing scene cracks me up all the time, even by just thinking about it. Hahahaha. I hear; “My hands are in the air, like I just do not care”. And; “…………’s shaking in the most undignified way.” Bwahahahahaha we humans complicate life. And the winner in this movie, was the Boov English. Tihihihihihi, you have to watch it to know what am saying.

One of the most inspiring ones, was Zootopia. At least this title was all over the place. On billboards and showing in cinemas. That soundtrack by the beautiful Shakira was my ringtone for about six months. The song is just inspiring, the chorus says;

I won’t give up, no I won’t give in, till I reach the end, then I’ll start again. No I won’t leave, I wanna try everything, I wanna try even though I could fail.

Just read that again. And yes, it comes with a very groovy beat to shake to. It’s worth a download. I wanna say more about this one but Moana keeps knocking on the door. She is one persistent future leader. She is actually the heiress to her father, the village chief’s throne. She will dare face a demi-god and make him do as she says, to save her people. Oh, the ocean roots for her, so u better watch out. I loved Moana so much, I could re-watch it and still be in awe like it’s the first time am seeing it. Believe me. The music was amazing, and I picked a lot of life advise from there. In one scene, while referring to the stupid hen; or was it a cock, she said;

“Sometimes our strengths lie beneath the surface.”

That line stayed with me and it encourages me to dig deeper withing myself when I feel like I have hit the wall and want to give up. We tend to miss out on great opportunities because we let give up too quickly or our search is too shallow. You have to look farther into the future, paint it and then dig deeper within yourself to find the answers to that which you have envisioned. You might have a different interpretation, please do share in the comments section.

For all the daring, with a strong urge to achieve your dreams, despite the odds, Ballerina and Brave are a must watch. The non-believers in miracles and the existence of an another life alongside our own, Epic is the one for you. The Smurfs too. I want to move on to the title story but the old school guys don’t want to be left out. Shout outs to Shrek, Madagascar, Up, Rango, Lion King, the Barbie movie collection, awwwwww Frozen! This was another great and memorable one. Let it go still plays in households and there times my ears pick it up and the excitement is still as new. But of course the message is strong. At times we hold on too much, while trying not to hurt/offend others, yet we hurt/offend them in the process of trying not to hurt/offend them. The best way to make people around you happier is to stop trying to please them and take care of you. The happier you are as a person, so will those around you be.

Let it go!

A few lines from the song say;

It’s funny how some distance
Makes everything seem small
And the fears that once controlled me
Can’t get to me at all!

It’s time to see what I can do
To test the limits and break through
No right, no wrong, no rules for me. I’m free!

Let it go, let it go

Then there is Toy Story, Sinbad, the fairy tales like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast; I could go on and on.

Now it’s time for my current favorite guy, Boss Baby. This lil man has been making my days since I first watched the movie. I cannot tire of re-watching him. We all know babies are so bossy by nature; they demand what they want and will scream your ears off if it is not granted. But there is another irony to this story, one that shows the other side of humans, especially those who hold a certain degree of authority. And am talking about authority on all platforms. Church, in families and of course the most loved ones; the politicians. But even more importantly, YOU and me. We all, to a certain degree, are authority figures and we have those people we push around, just because we can. But here is why I say so.

Let’s face it, when babies arrive, so much changes. Parents shift their attention from the existing toddlers to the new born, schedules change; and I mean for everyone. Panic when they won’t stop crying. Everything is re-organised to accommodate them. And so was the case in this story, except that this time, we have a baby in a suit and he talks. He is actually a high profile fellow on undercover business. Of course, they eliminate the gruesome task of birth and create a factory for babies that we all at one point believed was a real place as kids. At least, I did. Mummy couldn’t answer my question of where babies come from until much later in my young life.

Boss Baby is a whinny needy little person one moment and the next finds him shouting orders and delegating tasks. I honestly thought about our members of Parliament while watching this. Those moments when; they received tablets like a baby is given gifts, when they are demanding an increment in their perks like salary, new cars, etc, whining about it like life depends on it, to delegating their work to assistants while they take breaks somewhere in the name of a retreat of sorts. They are still being fed and when you inquire about work, they are too busy delegating. They won’t lift a finger. Of course the blame never falls on them but on the “government” like they are not part of it.

It’s not just them, though. It’s all of us. From men who hired their wives to run the home. They are busy delegating when they are hanging out with a woman who is not their wife but expect a faithful submissive wife when they get back home. Or when he follows his dreams, leaving the wife to give up all of hers but she is still expected to be excited about life and being a wife, motherhood and all. To employers who would rather fire you, than know you have something else going on for you outside of work. I have seen a teacher punish one little girl for wearing trousers during holidays. Not at school or to any school activity but during her time away from school, with her family. We also have friends who will boss you around like it supposed to make you famous.

Boss Baby was an entertaining story for me. But the person I am couldn’t help but notice how we abuse authority just because we can. And the things we will do when we feel threatened. We become masters of disguise. True story! One will destroy an innocent life should they feel threatened. Puppies were taking over the world and more people were opting to get a dog than have a child, which did not appeal to Baby Corps and they did what they had to do. In the process, threatened one little boy’s relationship with his parents as an only child and also endangered the parents’ lives. We will do so much to get away with guilt.

The plight of the human race is somewhat highlighted in this movie and I recommend that you watch it and please, do share your reviews.





Author: marihitta9

Writer, reader, mentor, learner and my own biggest fan.

5 thoughts on “Boss Baby”

  1. Fantastic! So well written! I watch a looot of animations myself and now I have that image stuck in my head; of Shakira gazelle singing I won’t give up and Boov dancing with his hands in the air like he just don’t caaare! 💃💃😅

    I initially read quickly because I wanted to get to the part where you talk about Rango or the Smurfs, so it counts that you mentioned Rango! 😊😊 Thanks for this, can’t wait to watch Boss Baby! 😅

    Liked by 1 person

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