That is one word anyone would gladly get rid of. Seriously, I would.

Just when I thought I would spend my Sunday maybe at the Carnival, or visiting where I wanted, boom, the load was dropped on me. You are expected to be in this place tomorrow, missus. How I hated to hear that. And then, that seemingly casual word was thrown at me.

Just so you know, am done complaining and I embrace the joy that comes with being responsible for someone, even something. When all is well, thanks to your taking responsibility, guess who gets a tender pat on the shoulder and a lot of love. YOU!!!!

There is always something to lose, and yet more to gain.

Be thankful

Have fun all the way.

Building Bridges

Bridge build

A lot of times we judge everyone and everything without taking the time to find out the truth. And at the end of the day, all we have is too much negativity that weighs us down. And yes, we let it out on others, who are innocent and deserve better than the worst of us.

Today I dined at Faze 2, Indian always works for me just fine; Tandoor dishes to be precise, oh! and the music!!!!! Rockamilley Live every Friday, and my friend from the Freedom Band assisted. EPIC! Anyway, at a table opposite from where I sat, there was a mother and daughter (about 7yrs old) chatting, laughing and I wondered how many parents do that. Spend time with their children, listen to their stories, laugh at their jokes, you know like throw the seriousness out the window for a bit. Well, not only parents, but siblings too. We tend to allocated our time according to who we want in that moment, and leave out the most important people. It could be the one you dislike most, but when truth be told, it’s that somebody who you will need by your side.

To cut a long story short, I know that the bond that mother and daughter share is one to last a long time. This is what we need in our life. Occasional friends don’t mean much, but that one person you will disagree with and they still stay, is one to pay attention to.

Charity begins at home, go mend those relationships with family and close friends, the rest will take care of itself.

Make a difference today and Break those limits. Build long lasting bridges.